Статии на английски език за преводаческите проблеми

Статиите на английски език са от американски колега - Стив Витек. Под тях се заформят страхотни дискусии, в които понякога участвам и аз. Тук публикувам само линкове към статии, които съм коментирала.


30.04.2012 Is Translation Intellectual Property Or A Mere Commodity?

(тук е първият ми коментар)

Rennie, Bulgaria on Feb 14, 2014

In my view, each piece of translation is a commodity, but not mere commodity. It's a brand-name commodity. The brand is mine, the translator's, not the multiple agencies' I work for as a freelancer. I'd never allow anybody to stick their brand name over mine thus turning my brain products into a mere commodity. Freelencers who will not insist on direct contact with the customer, whose order was forwarded to them by an agency, reduce their brain-name products to mere commodities. They themselves do it.

Steve: I agree with you completely, Rennie!

Thanks, Steve. Nice to meet you. Your blog is gaining popularity in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, too. My respects for you. You've done really a lot and, hopefully, will do even more.

Steve: Thank you so much, Rennie. I will try my best.


25.05.2014 Setting a Low Rate and Sticking To It Is Not Exactly a Business Plan

Rennie, Bulgaria on May 26, 2014:

"In most professions, acting as an intermediary for professionals and vice versa, is at the very least frowned upon, if not illegal (the fine in Australia for a lawyer sharing his fee with a non-lawyer is $10,000 the last time I looked)."

That's it! Clearly, no agency has the legal right to go between a professional and his/her clients. The problem is that translators are NOT legally recognized as professionals. The status of translation profession?

    "when personal responsibility for the outcome of a personal, professional service is either indirect or hidden completely, we are looking at a dysfunctional system"

    And grossly dysfunctional, too. A hidden or indirect personal responsibility, huh? Sounds like an oxymoron.

    "we cannot win in the long run, unless we opt out of the value chain created by corporate agencies."

    What value chain? Corporate agencies are driven by the basic free market law: buy cheap, sell expensive. Well, that's normal.

    What is NOT normal, however, is that translation products should be treated as mere commodities manufactured by anonymous workers all over the world and sold under the trade name of one or another translation company.

    Just try to imagine publishing houses conceal the names of writers, editors, etc. and give only the trade name of this or that PH, can you? That's what translation companies do, I think.

24.05.2017 What Is a Translator's Means of Production?

Rennie Todorova Stoyanova on May 24, 2017

Whatever you do, they'll beat you, no matter how hard you try. They, the cheap workers, the poor linguists from Chindia and the former communist bloc! They have been taking your jobs for years, and they won't stop. No bad feelings, just fighting to survive. Customers, on the other hand, won't stop using the agencies services. They don't and won't understand what translation is. All they need is quick service and a "yes" to all of their whims. A well-advertised agency is by far more attractive than an individual translator. It's easily accessible, it offers all in one, it inspires respect. You just can't rival it. A manager's false promise is sweeter than a translator's truth.

Steve: "A well-advertised agency is by far more attractive than an individual translator. It's easily accessible, it offers all in one, it inspires respect. You just can't rival it. A manager's false promise is sweeter than a translator's truth."

    If what you say were true, I would no longer be in business. But it so happens that I am incredibly busy ... [...]

Rennie: If you were so busy, you wouldn't have be blurting your "silly posts" for years with the eagerness of desperation.

Steve:   Ha ha ha

Rennie: Oops, I seem to have mistaken the grammar structure. It was "be blurting", and then I wanted to change it to "have been blurting". To be honest, I'm not sure about "wouldn't have been -ing". Is that structure correct here? Not logically. Only grammatically.

Steve: The structure is more or less ok except that the word blurting sounds funny used like this. Well, the whole thing sounds a little funny, actually. But l'm too busy to be your English teacher, Rennie.

Rennie: Ah, "blurt"? Sorry, I just meant something like "producing too many posts on the same topic". OK, thanks and bye!

 Churn out is the correct verb.

Steve: For butter.

Rennie: Not only for butter, Steve.

 "To produce something in an abundant and automatic manner: The author churns out four novels a year.

To produce something in large amounts and without much thought: Rosco churned out a book a year for 13 years and earned a lot of money doing it."

Source: http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/churn+out

Steve has been churning out a "silly post" a week for 7 years.

Следва интересна информация от Англия за отложените дела поради липса на преводачи. Тамошното Министерство на правосъдието от няколко години пренебрегва съдебните преводачи от Националния регистър и сключва договори с агенции, за по-евтино. За да спечелят търга, агенциите лъжат, че имат всякакви преводачи, а после се оказва, че не могат да осигурят преводачи дори с езици, които не са чак толкова редки.

Rennie: "A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "We are absolutely committed to improving performance and ensuring the highest standard of language services for those who need them. (blah-blah-blah) Since this contract was introduced, we have also spent £38m less on language service fees. (oh, yes? just look at the title "Thousands of court cases adjourned due to failures in interpreting services")"

    "Geoffrey Buckingham, an executive member of the European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association, said: "The available pool of interpreters is already limited, and the word is that many now have enough experience to move on to better-paid work."

    Geoffrey Buckingham is right.

    The conclusion from all these endless discussions is: quit this miserable job, don't be a translator or interpreter! Or stay on, if you enjoy being humiliated more and more, day after day.

Тук се появи един страхотен постинг, силно критичен към агенциите, какъвто дотогава не се беше появявал в блога на Стив: Non-translating intermediaries are ALL ABUSERS.





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